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Our Approach

At RHS, we know that children are curious and eager to learn. We present a well-rounded program that is research-based, age appropriate, intellectually challenging, promotes creativity, and exceeds the standards set by the district and the state.

RHS is a model STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) school with thoughtful integration of personalized and small group instruction, technology and blended learning.

We use a differentiated approach to learning and a robust program of social-emotional learning to ensure that all students are able to be successful.  

At RHS, students are the drivers of their educational experience, setting their own academic, social-emotional, and service learning goals and receiving compassionate and expert guidance to be their best selves.

We embody a culture of empowering teachers to improve their practice through a growth mindset, with excellent professional development.

Our rich academic program includes Arts Integration, a balanced approach to literacy, hands-on math and science, music, physical education, and gardening and field science.