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Absences Procedure

When your child is absent, we ask that you report that absence by calling the office at (510) 531-6644 or email Ms. Christina, if possible, by 10am to verify the absence. Please include the following information:

  • Student's full legal name
  • Grade and Teacher
  • The day(s) and date(s) of absence(s)
  • Reason for the absence, such as illness, and what kind of illness, family trip, medical appointment etc.
  • Name and relationship with the student
  • Home and work numbers

If your student is ill and stays home or is sent home, we ask that you administer a COVID test, rapid or PCR and if negative, please send us an image of the test with the students name and date to Ms. Eve or Ms. Christina upon receiving, we welcome them to return.

If your child has recurring health issues- allergies or other, we ask for a doctor's note so that we are aware of the situation.

*Note on absence coding in Aeries

Code Description Meaning
   A Unverified We haven’t learned the reason for the absence
   U Unexcused Reason being- a family trip, a family emergency, lack of transportation among others
    I Illness Sick with a cold, allergies or anxiety/depression
   X Excused COVID, Covid related symptoms such as a fever, Medical appointments
   P Personal Religious Holiday, funeral
   L Left on Independent Study  
   F Fulfilled work after Independent Study  

Independent Study

Independent Study is a process for when your child will be away from school for as little as 3 and up to 14 days.

They will be sent with a packet of work that is aligned with their peers' classwork at the time. In order to have the days counted, they must complete the work.

Your student will be sent home with work on paper and/or online and upon return the teacher checks the work and reports to the office whether or not they have completed it. We will change the L (left on I.S.) to F (fulfilled work) which counts as being present.

Requesting an Independent Study

We ask that you give a two-week notice.

Inform the office of the days you intend to be away and request Independent Studies from your child(ren's) teacher.

Independent Study is at the teacher’s discretion; they have a right to refuse, though they strive to say YES!

We understand that there are life situations that may prohibit a full two-week notice, and we encourage you to still inquire, though we cannot promise it will be granted and thank you for your (hopeful) understanding.

If you have any questions or issues with this, please reach out. (and please remember, we are human too;)

Thanks for reading!
Ms. Eve and Ms. Christina